History based on real events?

ARGOS. A story that will not leave you indifferent.

Wine, laughs, sex, yogurts. Argus and Laura share an unforgettable night. Then they have to go on separate ways until she finally moves into the city. Laura makes Argus dream about a new life after his divorce, a reason to fulfil the emotional void caused by his own growing maturity. However, how thin is the line between a dream and a nightmare?

Film data sheet

Argos: Xevi Argos
Laura: Maria Blasco
Original idea: Xevi Argos
Director: Xavi Campodarbe
Director of photography: Alberto Navarro
Assistant director: Abel Fernandez
Screenplay: Xavi Campodarbe and Xevi Argos
Executive Production: Xevi Argos
Sound: Marc Canivell
Camera Assistant:Adria Carreras
Makeup and hairdresser: Tati Uribe
Art: Marc Pujol
Electrician: Primi Medina and Javi Carretero
Production: Narrow and Focalizando
Movie prop: Anomalia Arte and FX
Graphic Design: Merce Rokins
English translation: Vera Santos


Voice & guitar: Xevi Argos
Production, recording & mixing: Marçal Gelabert.
Mini Cooper.
Music & lyrics : Xevi Argos.
Music: Xevi Argos.
Lyrics: Nicolas Corraliza, from the poem “Lealtad” included in “La huella de los dias”, Norbanova 2014

Music of the short film