Who devised ARGOS?

Barcelona 1976.

Trained in Arts and related fields, music, literature, drawing, painting and photography, short stories and novel

Spends some time in Queretaro Mexico, and travels to several places in order to find out about Latin American culture, sharing experiences, art and music until he finally decides to return to Barcelona.

Back in the city, an accidental trouble in one of his social networks makes him reflect about overexposing himself on the net, and decides to break with his past and begins a new phase in his artistic development.

Here starts the Argos project, he asks himself two questions:
- How can I use this great universal stage called internet in order to get some privacy while developing my creativity?

- How will I avoid the social media to peep in this new network phase knowing how fragile is the safety of our privacy?
Xevi Argos arises this duality in his short film “Argos”, dedicating body, soul, voice and music to it.